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The Zimbabwe Commercial Rabbit Breeders Association (ZICORBA) was set up by a group of Zimbabwean rabbit farmers to represent rabbit producers in July 2020, with the vision to bolster production and shore up sales in both the domestic and the export markets.

The Association has a Regional Chapter in all of the country’s 10 provinces. Each Chapter has a functional executive of seven people, headed by a Chapter President. The National Executive has 17 members including the 10 Chapter Presidents.

ZICORBA ensures that the rabbit meat reaching the market is safe and healthy - through vigorous screening and testing.

It seeks to put Zimbabwe rabbit breeders on the global map and position Zimbabwe rabbit meat as the preferred addition to people’s menu the world over.

The association has embarked on a number of studies on rabbit production and marketing value chain in order to come up with evidence-based interventions to scale-up rabbit industry’s contribution to the country’s gross domestic product.

#E8FFE8 ZICORBA aims to promote, develop and improve rabbit production in Zimbabwe, in the process:
  • Improving Livelihoods;
  • Creating Wealth; and
  • Generating Employment.

ZICORBA has launched the following:

Website: www.zicorba.com

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For further information about the Association, please contact:

Phone: +263 77 812 5874

Email: info@zicorba.com