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The Zimbabwe Association of Abattoirs

The Zimbabwe Association of Abattoirs has made considerable progress since its resuscitation in 2011. 

Efforts have been made to regularise abattoir operations by promoting compliance among its members with its Code of Practice that ensures that abattoir operators deliver safe meat to the public by observation of safe and hygienic practices in the slaughter of meat.

The Association is addressing various concerns in the value chain and critical issues that have been identified as limiting productivity are:

  • Poor animal health (tick borne, lack of deworming, & communicable disease outbreaks);
  • Poor nutrition (depleted and poor grazing and lack of supplementary feeding);
  • Poor management practices (leading to low calving rates<80%);
  • Lack of genetic improvements; and 
  • Poor access to markets.

To counteract the decline in productivity, ZAA is engaging business partners to arrange workshops and training sessions during field and marketing days and other public functions that will highlight key areas and critical activities of production.

This platform is strengthening the relationships between farmers, private sector and public service providers. 

For further information about the Association, please contact:

The Secretariat, Old Show Office, Exhibition Park, Samora Machel Avenue, Belvedere, Harare

+263 4 756 600, 772 915, 777 391, Email admin@lit.co.zw