The Stockfeed Manufacturers Association of Zimbabwe (SMA) has been in existence since the early 1990’s.  Although it started with a small membership, it has now grown to a point where most stockfeed manufacturers have joined and include Agrifoods, Gerghaan Feeds, Capital Foods, Feedmix, Grain Marketing Board, National Foods Ltd, Profeeds, Hyperfeeds, Manyame Milling, Meadow Enterprises, Novatek Animal Health, Windmill, Irvine’s Zimbabwe, Triple C Pigs, Ice Feeds, Hamara Feeds and Fivet Animal Health. 

SMA holds monthly meetings to discuss and deliberate on issues of concern to the industry. Of note, the Association has undertaken regulatory review of the Farms Feeds, Fertilisers and Remedies Act and is developing stockfeed standards with the Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

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