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ZHB BEEF SCHOOL 2017 IN PICTURES - Click Below to see more!

Beef School 2017

For Details of the following Noteworthy Points in the
2018 Budget Statement on:

1. VAT on Capital Equipment Arising From Change of Policy;

2. VAT Exemption on Goat and Sheep Meat;

Please download the PDF document by clicking here or below, under "Publications", entitled: '2018 Budget Notes on interesting VAT developments'.


Click here to see the Agricultural Marketing Authority (Livestock Development Levy) Statutory Instrument (SI) 129 of 2017, which requires that:

a) All registered cattle abattoirs be charged $10 per animal, b) All registered milk processors be charged 1 cent per litre, and c) All registered chick producers be charged 1 cent per chick.

These levies will go into a fund for disease control and livestock development activities. Stakeholders in the livestock value chains are surprised by the announcement of the new SI levying the livestock sector at a time when the Office of the Presidency and Cabinet is in the process of negotiation to reduce the regulatory costs of doing business by at least 50%. The LMAC has already approached the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development through the Deputy Minister responsible for Livestock to consider a freeze in the implementation of this Statutory Instrument to allow for intensive stakeholder consultations towards a livestock development fund whose terms are agreeable to beef, dairy and poultry farmers, industry and Government. LMAC also coordinated a caucus meeting of all farmers' unions and livestock industry associations on 20 October to chart the way forward and produce a joint statement for communicating industry reservations and suggestions to policy makers. Thank you to all those who submitted suggestions and comments.

We welcome you to our refreshed website with a revised look and feel! Whilst this is currently a 'work in progress' there were a number of important announcements, documents and bulletins that could wait no longer. Bear with us as we continue with the website refreshment project. Meantime, we hope these latest uploads will be informative and useful and that you will attend some of the upcoming events.
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LMAC wishes you an excellent New Year.

Wednesday 31st Meeting.Annual General Meeting of the Zimbabwe Association of Abattoirs, Bulawayo

Wed 14 February: Livestock Business Forum

Wednesday 28 February: Council Meeting of the Stockfeed Manufacturers Association

Forthcoming Shepherds Course Monday 19th until Thursday 22th March 2018. Shepherds can arrive Sunday afternoon. 
Venue Bramber Farm, Ruwa

Forthcoming Basic Dorper Sheep Course
Monday 28th until Thursday 31st May Venue: Bramber Farm – Ruwa


ZFPA Workshop and AGM Programme 2017

ZPA Workshop and AGM Programme 2017

Beef School 2017

PPC Budget Consultative Meetings Oct 2017

FAW Info Session
16 Oct Programme

Dorper Society Field Day Tommy Millar's Farm 18 Oct 2017

Shepherds Course Date: Monday 19th until Thursday 22th March 2018

Basic Dorper Sheep Course
Monday 28th until Thursday 31st May Venue: Bramber Farm – Ruwa

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