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Industry update 22 Dec 2017

Industry Update 15 Dec 2017

Industry Update
8 Dec 2017

Industry update
1 Dec 2017

Industry Update 10 Nov 2017

Industry Update 27 Oct 2017

Industry Update 20 Oct 2017

LMAC Market Update Oct 2017

Industry Update 13 October 2017

Industry Update
6 October 2017

Industry Update 29 Sept 2017

Industry Update 22 Sept 2017

Industry Update 15 Sept 2017

LMAC Market Update Dec 2017

Industry Update 19 January 2018

Industry Update 26 Jan 2018

Industry Update 2 Feb 2018

Industry Update 9 Feb 2018

Industry Update 16 Feb 2018

LMAC Market Update 23 Feb 2018

LMAC Market Update 2 Mar 2018

LMAC Market Update 9 Mar 2018

Forthcoming Shepherds Course Monday 19th until Thursday 22th March 2018. Shepherds can arrive Sunday afternoon. 
Venue Bramber Farm, Ruwa

Forthcoming Basic Dorper Sheep Course
Monday 28th until Thursday 31st May Venue: Bramber Farm – Ruwa

March 20th and 21st Millstart and Nutrition School

March 22nd Livestock Business Forum, Harare

ZFPA Workshop and AGM Programme 2017

ZPA Workshop and AGM Programme 2017

Beef School 2017

PPC Budget Consultative Meetings Oct 2017

FAW Info Session
16 Oct Programme

Dorper Society Field Day Tommy Millar's Farm 18 Oct 2017

Shepherds Course Date: Monday 19th until Thursday 22th March 2018

Basic Dorper Sheep Course
Monday 28th until Thursday 31st May Venue: Bramber Farm – Ruwa

Forthcoming Courses, Dorper Sheep Society

Programme MillSmart and Nutrition School, March 2018

2018 Budget Notes on interesting VAT developments

Budget Highlights 2018

The 2018 Budget

IEC News November 2017

SMA Returns Sept 2017

AMA Bulletin 43 2017

AgMIP and ZimCLIFS in Zimbabwe

DLVS weekly 3 Nov 2017

IEC News - World Egg Day a great success!
Plus other news

AMA Bulletin 42 2017

IEC Special Bulletin:Anti-microbial Resistance
on Global Agenda following UN Resolution

IEC Bulletin: Celebrating World Egg Day 2017

FAO Fall Army Worm Management Poster

Fall Army Worm FAO Key Messages Aug 2017

Anti Microbial Resistance Poster Sept 2017

AMA Bulletin 37 2017

Zim Poultry Association Newsletter Sept 2017

International Egg Commission Practical Biosecurity Checklist Sept 2017 PowerPoint

International Egg Commission Biosecurity
Checklist Sept 2017

SMA Returns Jan 2018


Bulletin Number 4 of 2018

Monetary Policy February 2018 Final

Price stabilisation Jan 2018

Wk 8 DVS 23 Feb 2018 (LMAC) (002)

Guidelines VC Corrigendum 2-1

ZPA newsletter February 2018

Agricultural Marketing Authority (Livestock Development Levy) Statutory Instrument (SI) 129 of 2017

SI 122A of 2017 Exchange Control (Amendment) Regs (No 5)

SI 122 of 2017 Control of Goods Regs No 5

SI 159 of 2017 Customs & Excise Suspension Amendment Regs

SI 161 of 2017 VAT Amendment Regulations 2017

Investment Guidelines opportunities in Zimbabwe

SI 18 of 2018, CBA, Agric Industry

SI 35 of 2003,(Livestock Identification) Cattle Regs